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Who Should Take the Program?

Individuals seeking rewarding and exciting employment

Teach English and Discover the World! No other profession offers the flexibility to readily obtain employment anywhere in the world.  It is not uncommon for teachers to move from one country to the next, experiencing everything this wonderful world has to offer.

Career-minded people

Teaching English as a Second Language offers unlimited career opportunities.  Abroad, the Teaching Profession is highly respected and regarded as one of the more prestigious occupations.

Aspiring teachers

The competitive nature of National teaching employment opportunities makes it difficult for aspiring teachers to acquire the experience necessary to gain acceptance to Teacher Training Universities across North America. Nothing is more impressive than proven competency as a full time teacher in a variety of cross cultural learning experiences.

Highschool graduates

Highschool graduates may want to consider pursuing United TESOL instead of competing for limited seats in universites and colleges. What a fantastic opportunity for youth to obtain certification to teach English internationally and spend the year teaching and traveling the world. Some may choose to return to attend university or college next year and will have the money to pay for it without needing student loans.

Recent Teacher's College graduates

New teachers seeking valuable teaching experience in a variety of exciting locations around the world may do so with additional International Certification in TESOL.

Discover the World, by doing what you love most.

Anyone seeking international employment opportunities

Teaching English overseas is a wonderful avenue to network and explore one’s suitability for International employment. Many ESL teachers move on to exciting positions as Diplomats, International Development Officers, Local government Representatives and or International Coordinators. The opportunities are endless.

Unemployed, in debt and seeking something new

Let United TESOL introduce you to the lucrative opportunities available teaching English overseas.  It is not uncommon for graduates to completely repay student loans and return with a savings to start a new life back in North America.

Retired and ready to take on the world

Worked hard your entire life and ready to begin a new chapter? Teaching English overseas may be exactly what you’re looking for. Discover the world and get paid to do it.  International teaching opportunities exist worldwide.

Let United TESOL help you find the one that is perfect for you.

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