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Standard TESOL Certification Program Course Components

Part One: Interactive Classroom Learning Module (40 Academic Credit Hours) mandatory

A Growing Industry: This section introduces participants to the ever-growing field of overseas second language teaching.  Focus on geographic regions of the world, sample employment contracts, salaries, cultural etiquette, working conditions and challenges of overseas employment, ensures a complete understanding of the industry itself.

How to Teach English as a Second Language: The 'learn-to-do-by-doing' approach to the TESOL foundations training prgram effectively explores ESL methodologies and techniques in a very interactive learning environment.  Through guided instruction, teachers-in-training experience the challenges of teaching pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing and speaking.  Lesson planning, pair work, activity coordination, music in the classroom and student evaluations are covered.

Curriculum and Syllabus Design: This section introduces participants to popular second language teaching textbooks, syllabi, and curriculum design methods.  Assistance conducting needs analysis of particular teaching situations and student types enables participants to selectively choose and/or develop suitable curriculum for any teaching situation.

Teaching Practicum and Course Evaluation: All learning components of the TESOL training program lead to the development and presentation of sample ESL lessons.  All participants are required to prepare, present and evaluate personal sample English lessons in order to successfully complete the program.

How to Get a Job Teaching Overseas: This section focuses on the international job pursuit process.  Information on effective resume writing and interview skills are covered in-depth.  All graduates will be allowed access to Alumni Support services in order to assess their desired best-suited location, as well as access to international contacts and practicum placement options.

Assigned Reading and Lesson Planning: The TESOL classroom learning component is supplemented by additional reading assignments and lesson planning.  All reading material is provided and serves to reinforce topics addressed during class.

Portfolio Development Workshop: The growing popularity of professional portfolio development has left many educators out in the cold.  United TESOL ensures that all graduates are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to build their own personal teaching portfolios, confidently.

Part Two: English Grammar for Teachers (30 Academic Credit Hours) optional/take-home

Although many graduates will seek employment as conversational language teachers, a deeper understanding of English grammar and its role within the language is key to successful language teaching.  This module was designed to ensure graduates are both competent and comfortable teaching all elements of the English language.

*United TESOL is committed to ensuring the highest quality graduate possible, as such the optional English Grammar for Teacher's component is available to students at no additional cost to their program tuition fees. 

Part Three: Specializations
(30 Academic Credit Hours) optional/online*

Given the dynamic nature of ESL, we provide all of our graduates with the opportunity to specialize in a particular teaching field.  Upon completion of the classroom learning component, teachers may select one of the following intensive specialization learning courses:

Teaching Business English
Teaching English for Travel and Tourism
Teaching Adult Learners
Teaching English to Children
Teaching English to Young Learners

*The completion of a teaching specialization course title is optional and is not a required component of the standard level certification program. Studen't seeking to increase their actual hours of TESOL course training may opt to complete an additional teaching specialization course title at no additional cost to their program tutiion fee.  Specialization course titles are limited to alumni of United TESOL exclusively and focus on teaching  a specific leaner demographic within the ESL industry.  United TESOL is the ONLY TESOL course provider in Ontario currently offering teaching specialization course titles FREE of charge.  

Part Four: Self-Directed Teaching Practice
(20-60 Teaching Credit Hours) optional

The self-directed teaching practice component allows graduates to gain valuable ESL teaching practice locally before going abroad.  These hours are gained though volunteer ESL teaching/tutoring for organisations in Canada and must be documented in order to count towards your certification.

*The volunteer practice teaching component is optional and is not a required component of the TESOL Certification program with United TESOL. There is no fee to complete the volunteer teaching component.

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