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Caribbean TESOL Program


 United TESOL's specialized Caribbean TESOL training program offers students yet another option for their international teaching practicum.  This specialized teaching practicum was designed to provide aspiring English teachers with hands-on experience for work in the rapidly emerging field of Teaching English for the Travel and Tourism Industry.


Interested students will have the opportunity to complete United TESOLís Standard TESOL certification program in OttawaAfter the successful completion of their standard TESOL certification program, graduates will work in Cuba as part of either a two or four week practicum teaching placement.   Graduates will teach their choice of either English or French as a second language to Cuban employees working in the travel and tourism industry.  The practicum will be supervised by a TESOL teacher trainer, who will provide support and aid for each teacherís professional development. 


This unique program enables aspiring English and French as a Second Language (ESL) Teachers the opportunity to gain practical teaching experience under the guidance of a seasoned ESL Teacher.  This practical experience not only lends confidence to graduates heading into the field of ESL teaching, but also drastically increases the teacherís employability worldwide.  Furthermore, for those interested in pursuing a specialized career in language instruction specific for the travel and tourism industry, this program serves as an excellent launching pad.

*This program is not currently running.  Check back for future program dates.

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