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Caribbean TESOL Program Admission Requirements

The successful completion of a standard TESOL certification training program.

Individuals with professional training and certification in TEFL, TESL, CELTA or TESOL from other institutions may be eligible for our Caribbean TESOL program provided they meet the standards and expectations of United TESOL. Admission is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the academic director.  All students are required to apply directly to United TESOL for course evaluation, and official acceptance.

Individuals wishing to teach French as a second language while on placement in Cuba must have demonstrated fluency in both English and French as a second language.

Immigration: Cuban government and travel regulations require that anyone entering Cuba have a valid passport. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Cuba.   Participants do not need a passport to register and reserve their seat in the certification program but must have obtained their passport prior to the selected departure date.

Student Visas: Participants of United TESOL's Caribbean TESOL program are required to enter Cuba on a valid student visa. Student visa applications are issued to registered students only and will be processed by United TESOL and the Cuban Embassy in Ottawa, Canada.

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